What's the Best Part of Business Ownership?

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This is a question that's very much opinion orientated. If you ask 50 different business owners, you're likely to get just as many answers. None of which are wrong, either; they're all relevant to one's industry and background. Because this is a personal matter – and one that's based off of personal preferences – each franchisee is likely to come back with a different answer, including those that might surprise you. 

However, we've taken note of some of the most popular responses – as well as the more obscure – to let you know what perks are ahead. Between the obvious, and the lesser known, you can easily paint a picture of what life can offer. No matter what stage of the business ownership process you're in.

Some of these incredible perks include: 

Schedule and Work Task Freedom

Much of being an adult is doing things you don't like, the ones that still have to get done. But, when it comes to owning your own franchise, you can choose when and how you mark off that list. Especially the most terrible. You can take obscure days off, keep strange hours, and make yourself available to family and kids' activities. This is a perk that isn't always possible with a traditional job, but also one that you can make happen as your own boss.

It's important to note that this can mean working overtime before or after the fact, or starting early in order to take that same time off … but it's still possible. You can work when you like, and take time off as needed. 

While there's generally not much flexibility when starting out, once your franchise is established, you will have far more skills at balancing both tasks and responsibilities. Don't take those abilities for granted when choosing your brand.

Being the Example

How many times were you working in a position and thought, "I could do better"? Now, you have that chance. No more sitting back and seeing what others have done, or wondering if an alternate method would better suit the business. With yourself as the franchisee/head honcho, you can implement plans that you see best fit. That means progress as you want it, and work ethics where you are in charge. 

By setting the example, workers will follow suit and work just as hard as you do. Besides, when you're excited about work – and let's face it, by using your own ideas, you're bound to be – that, too, will reflect in your work, and within your employees' actions. 

Sense of Accomplishment/Setting Your Own Goals

There's nothing quite like scheduling a plan and making it happen. Think about your best grade in school, or nailing a project that you worked overtime to create. Even cooking a great meal – or any other accomplishment that took hard work, but came out with incredible results. This is how you can feel with your business every single day – even on the ones that are frustrating or a bigger source of stress. It's a feeling like no other, and one that you can truly enjoy. 

Because it's your own efforts and your own rewards, you are far more likely to be successful as a business owner. You are also only limited by your own reach. This means you are willing to work harder and find greater goals. Keep moving forward to business success, along with more and more pride within the business you have built. 

Helping and Employing Others

Workers need a job, and you can be there to give it to them. That means helping with others' livelihood, income, and improving their life skills. For young and older workers alike, this can be a wonderful feeling. By teaching and allowing your employees to grow, you can know you're doing great things in others' lives, as well as your own. 

Constant Strive for Betterment and Growth

Much like the above, owning a business means you can constantly reach for the sky. Maybe you have a goal of making X amount of dollars, perhaps it's opening five locations in 10 years, or you might want to live comfortably … while liking your job. There are all levels of goals, and not one is more right than another. You simply have to define what is important and find a way to make it happen. 
  • Author: Bethaney Wallace
  • Title: Staff Writer
  • Company: BusinessBroker.net
  • Company Website: https://www.businessbroker.net/blog
  • Date: February 23, 2017
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business
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