Do I Have What It Takes to Own My Own Business?

Everyone wants to be their own boss, but success in the business world depends on an individual's ability to adapt to a changing professional climate that demands a lot from entrepreneurs.  Understanding the personality traits of a successful business owner can help an individual pinpoint their own strengths and weaknesses in order to hone the skills needed before buying a business. Focus

Business Focus People who buy a business need to be focused on goals for the business in order to enjoy success.  Focusing on the tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis is key for entrepreneurs who want to be successful.  It is essential that business owners be able to form action plans and implement them on a daily, weekly, monthly and even annual basis.

Lacking focus does not necessarily mean that a person is not cut out for buying a business. People who are unable to stay focused while working on professional tasks may want to start out by honing their time management skills. Starting to make lists and understanding how to order lists by priority can help one accomplish the right tasks in the right order in a shorter amount of time.

Financially Secure

Individuals who are looking to buy their own business often start the search too soon.  Learning how to manage money is a skill that needs to be perfected before a person buys a business.  Someone who is ready to be an entrepreneur has carefully managed their personal finances and has set aside money that can go toward the purchase of a business.  It is very wise not only to have saved enough to help with the purchase of the business, but also very important to have additional savings available during the first 6-12 months of the business.  This additional “emergency” fund will be useful if cash flow struggles during this early phase of business ownership.Being able to save on a personal level is just the start. Business owners need to understand how basic accounting works, and balancing inventory, expenses and other costs associated with the business is a must.

Technologically Inclined

Technologically Inclined Today's business world is heavily dependent on new technology that changes constantly. Successful business owners need to be interested in new technology and willing to learn about how it can be used to boost business success.Integrating technology into a business does not have to be complicated. Simple tasks like establishing an email account that is checked on a daily basis in order to keep in contact with customers and vendors in a convenient way can integrate technology into the business. Maintaining an online presence by establishing a website and making social media profiles helps a company gain exposure.


Many business owners are hard to reach because they are constantly busy. People who buy a business need to stay accessible in order to answer questions about the business. Whether a question comes from an employee, a vendor or a customer, taking the time to communicate directly with the people who make the business a success is a must. Business owners who take this extra step gain respect and build positive professional relationships.


Organized BusinessOwning a business requires a person to keep every aspect of the business organized in order to keep things running smoothly. While stacks of paperwork can be inevitable when business is booming, establishing a system for keeping paperwork and tasks organized helps keep customers happy. Organized individuals are systematic about the way that they approach business tasks. Routines help business owners maximize the number of tasks that can be completed in one day without requiring work to spill over into their personal lives.

Focused on the Future

Successful business owners know that they can't just focus on current successes or failures in order to stay successful in the long term. Keeping aware of cash flow and determining how different market trends could affect that flow is important. Adjusting business goals in order to meet the long-term needs of the business gives business owners an edge over other entrepreneurs.

Some people do not have what it takes to invest in a business for sale, but many of the traits of successful business owners can be established through practice. Honing these skills before buying a business increases an individual's chance of long-term success.

Ready for the Challenge?

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  • Author: Matt Maxwell
  • Date: July 29, 2013
  • Category: Good Info for New Buyers & Sellers