Do It Yourself Guide to Ranking High in Google Map Listing

This article will provide you with step by step instructions to get your business ranked on page one of Google.  I am going to focus on Google Map Listings. Google Maps is also known as Google Places and Google + Local.  Google Maps results often appear when a person performs a search for a local service or product. The idea behind it is to act like the new yellow pages.  Map Listings provide the user with businesses that are local and offer the product or service that user is seeking.  Let’s take a look at the top four ranking factors.

Ranking Factors for Map Listings:

 1 – The address of your business. Your business needs to have a physical address within the Search Query’s search area. The search area of the Search Query can be the physical location of where the search is being performed from, or it could be the geographic term that is within the search phrase.  By way of example; if the person who typed the keyword [business broker] into Google was located in Philadelphia when they performed the search, the Map Listing results will include the business brokers with a business address in Philadelphia.  Another example would be if a person who is physically located anywhere and they typed a keyword [Philadelphia business broker] the Map Listing results would include the business brokers with a business address in Philadelphia. There are exceptions, but they are so rare it is not worth planning for them.  Very Important: Be honest about your address. Do not create fictitious addresses.  Summary: if your physical address is NOT located in the town where you want to rank you won’t be able to appear within a Map Listing.

 2 - Claim your Google Map Listing profile. If your Google Map Listing currently exists, then go to your profile page and claim it.  Then follow the instructions. If you can’t locate a Map Listing profile page for your business, then this will get you started:   When you claim your profile, be certain to list a phone number with the local area code as the primary phone number.

 3 - After you have five reviews on your profile, in most cases, you will get a boost in rankings.  So contact your happy customers and encourage some reviews!

 4 -  Directory Listings, also known as citations. This is the most important item. In general, the business with the most citations from quality sources ranks the highest.  The balance of this article will discuss how to accomplish this very important task.

 How to Obtain Citations

 Use Microsoft Word to list the information that you will need. Start with this data:

  •  Name of your business
  • Your business address
  • Your primary phone number (local area code)
  • Your fax number
  • Email address that includes the website domain
  • A little pitch describing the business
  • The URL to your primary website. Be sure that this website contains the same business name, address and phone number that you listed above.

 As you are creating Citations you will come across different directories (Citation sources) that request different information.  Whenever you answer a unique question include the question and answer on your Microsoft Word document.  It is important to answer the same question in the same manner each time you are asked.  You really want all your Citations to be the same.

 Now roll up your sleeves and start creating Citations.  The goal is to create at least 100 and if you are in a highly competitive area you will need upwards of 200 or more Citations. Be careful to only stick with reputable looking directories. You locate Citation directory sources by performing a search for your phone number. Then you perform a search for each of your competitors who rank within the top five spots within Maps. For each search, you should go about twenty pages deep within the results.  You are looking for Citation directory sources that look and feel legitimate.  Each time you find one, look for a button or a link that reads [Claim Business] or [List Business] or [Add Business].  Many of these directories attempt to charge, but after you dig around, you will find the FREE listing choice.  You want the FREE listing.  Repeat.

 It usually takes about a month or so after you finish all your Citation work to settle in Google Map Listings.  If you find that you do not rank high enough just repeat the above and add more Citations.

This article was written and contributed by Rob Selby.   Rob was a business broker for 12 years and founded Jump Hawk.


  • Author: Matt Maxwell
  • Date: November 19, 2012
  • Category: Selling a Business