6 Traits That Make a Great Entrepreneur

6 Traits That Make a Great Entrepreneur
So… you think you've got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Or, maybe you're scared that you don't. Either way, it's worth looking at the career as a whole and pairing it against your own skills. It's a step that can determine if you do have the necessary skills it takes, or whether you don't. Ask what others have in common who have made it at being an entrepreneur? What did they lack? Did those skills have any say in how well the business did? Whether or not they "made" it?
Historically, those of all skillsets and backgrounds have become successful. Those who have college degrees and those without them, those who worked as managers, and those who are becoming a boss for the first time. However, that's not to say certain skills won't be useful when starting your own business.
Some of the most powerful entrepreneurial skills include:
1. Drive
In order to be successful in the franchising world, it's important to have a driven personality. Driven to learn more, to find answers, to create success – driven to grow your business by any means possible. And without taking shortcuts. This won't make the job any easier, it will just give you the gumption and motivation in order to know what needs done, and then to put it into action. Ask yourself if you have drive, and look to past responsibilities to see how you stacked up in previous leadership roles.
2. Passion
Do you love the thought of owning your own business? Are you excited about what your (potential) franchising company does? This is one of the most important aspects in becoming an entrepreneur. If you can't get on board with your own company, who else will get excited about it? When you're passion about something – anything – do you share with others? This is seemingly a basic human trait, but one that not everyone hosts. Remember that passion is your friend in the world of being an entrepreneur.
3. Trustworthiness
In order for people to do business with you, they have to trust you. Keep this in mind when venturing out with a company. You need to be a personality that others will readily trust. That means following up, sticking to your word, and overall, being a stand-up personality. Or in other words, someone you would like to do business with yourself.
4. Being a Go-Getter
Go-getters are ruling the world. They have a take-charge personality and they get things done. But unlike the "we take what we want" crowd, they do so with a certain level of tact. If you have a history of going after what you want/need, and aren't afraid to take charge, you might just be the perfect candidate of entrepreneurism.
5. Problem Solving
Sometimes "solving" a problem means passing it along to someone else. Not shoving it onto the unsuspecting, however, but instead researching and finding the right person to do the job correctly. Problem solved. You don't have to do everything yourself, but you do have to have the ability to sort out the best way to accomplish each task, especially if that means finding someone else to carry it out.
6. Self-Motivation 
This might be the most important step of them all. Do you have the ability to get yourself pumped up … even when times are tough? Can you pick yourself up and keep going even on the worst of days? Being self-motivated doesn't mean that you can't ever get frustrated, it just means you can't stop working when you do. Self-motivated workers don't give up. They learn from their mistakes, and they find new ways to strive forward and work toward a more efficient outcome.
There are a number of positive traits that are regularly found in entrepreneurs. Look to these examples when evaluating your own set of skills, and stay tuned for more self-made tips.

  • Author: Bethany Wallace
  • Date: August 09, 2016
  • Category: Tips for Existing Business Owners