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Secure the Hottest Franchise Opportunity in Your Community and turn your passion for health into a lucrative business opportunity! The infrared sauna franchising space is primed for growth in the next 5 years. As early adopters of the concept with countless support structures behind them, beem™ Light Sauna franchisees are poised for incredible opportunities to grow their business empires in the coming years. Inquire to learn more about franchising with beem™ Light Sauna.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$75,000
Total Investment$187,400
Net Worth Required$250,000
Franchise Fee$49,900
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beem™ Light Sauna

Capture Your Professional Potential in the Wellness Industry
The Global Wellness Economy was previously valued at $4.9 Trillion in 2019 and is expected to reach $7.0 Trillion by 2025. This continual increase is a result of a cultural shift towards holistic healing.

beem™ Light Sauna has infiltrated a new and untapped segment of the wellness industry, promoting holistic health practices through the power of infrared and red light therapies. Founded by franchisors with years of experience in the incredible $4.9 Trillion global wellness sector, beem™ provides franchisees with the needed tools and resources to make a solid impact within their first months.

A Science-Backed Experience
Light therapy is rapidly gaining popularity as a wellness solution, a movement supported by positive medical findings regarding the effectiveness of Infrared Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy within mainstream healthcare. This popularity isn’t’ without a reason, though.

For thousands of years, as far back as Ancient Egypt, humans have understood that light contains many healing properties. It wasn’t until the last few centuries that scientists learned how to isolate different frequencies of light, and in the process, discovered that each wavelength offered its own array of benefits.

For example:

  • Yellow light can improve energy levels.
  • Blue light can help you relax and let go of stress.

And infrared and red light, as we’ve discovered, produces a mountain of significant benefits, from boosting athletic performance and speeding recovery to offering effective skin treatment.

These days, scientists continue to enhance the technology that makes this therapeutic treatment possible, coming out with over 3,000 research studies that speak to the benefits of infrared and red-light therapies. beem™ Light Sauna studios make these crucial health practices accessible to everyone who visits us, and allows owners to capitalize on these practices while also transforming lives.

Why franchise with beem™ Light Sauna?
As a member of our franchise family, we will support you in all aspects of opening and running your beem™ studio. Our team works with both experienced entrepreneurs and first-time business owners to help them thrive in their businesses. The best part of franchising with beem™ is that you are handed a playbook of proven processes and given a team of experts to support you in every part of your business, from site selection and construction to tested and trusted sales and operations support. You’ll never be left wondering what’s next – and you’ll change countless more lives in your community because of it.

Experience unmatched support in all parts of your business!

  • Industry-Leading Sales and Operational Training and Support to equip you to recruit, train, and develop your staff efficiently
  • Done-For-You Marketing Solutions and Resources to grow your business and attract new members, even before you open your doors
  • Multiple Revenue Streams to maximize earning potential and instill a lifestyle change for your members and their wellness journeys
  • A Proven Playbook for Pre-Launch to ensure that you open your studio will a full community of members that are excited and eager to change their lives
  • Data-Backed Processes and Procedures to take the guesswork out of running your business, so you can focus on scaling your efforts

Inquire today so you do not miss the opportunity to join this untapped market in your community!


"We chose to be multi-unit operators with beem™ Light Sauna from the beginning. I've enjoyed being my own boss and being able to operate my businesses on a daily basis while also having the support of the Home Office team. Long-term for us and our family, we hope for our daughters to take over one day and continue to build on the success of our businesses."Jackie & Matt Paynter,Multi-Unit Owners in Charlotte, NC , 11/2/2022 10:34:00 AM

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