Franocity - Helping You Find The Perfect Business – Guaranteed!

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Franocity will match YOU with the perfect business - guaranteed! Our franchise consulting team has more than 100 years of collective franchise experience. We pride ourselves in getting a complete picture of who you are & what you want out of the franchise experience. We will find the opportunity that will help you reach your financial goals.

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Minimum Cash Required$100,000
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Franocity - Helping You Find The Perfect Business – Guaranteed!

Franocity takes the stress out of the complex franchise business process. There are no dumb questions, and we don’t mind holding your hand every step of the way. In fact, we find that walking hand-in-hand throughout the process makes the most successful franchisee! 

So hold out your hand! 

We take our extensive knowledge that comes from a wide variety of industries, and use our own personal experiences as business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into your passions and skills so that we find you your perfect franchise opportunity. 

If you want more personal attention and business expertise – with no cost to you - then give us a call today. Start living out your dream of becoming a franchise business owner. 

Franchisee Complimentary Services: 

  • Initial Consultation – Is Franchising right for you?
  • Find a Franchise - The matchmaking process! 
  • Franchise Site Selection - Location, location, location.
  • Franchise Agreement Review - It’s imperative that you and an attorney carefully review the Franchise Agreement Document (also known as the Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD) to make sure you fully understand all aspects of your deal with the franchisor. 
  • Franchise Validation - This is your opportunity to get the real scoop on the franchise brand. Often, franchisees can give you insight that a franchisor cannot. 
  • Franchise Lease Negotiation
  • Franchise Risk Management - Our franchise consulting services include guidance on risk management — one of the top concerns expressed to us by candidates.
  • Franchise Resources - Advice for Potential Franchisees and Franchisors
  • Franchise Funding Process Guidance

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