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SD Tech's proven system can work for all types of entrepreneurs. In fact, many of those who have never considered themselves especially entrepreneurial simply lacked the kind of support system that can help create a secure and exciting future for themselves and their families.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$69,150
Franchise Fee$37,500
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Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AL
  • AK
  • AZ
  • AR
  • CO
  • CT
  • DE
  • DC
  • FL
  • GA
  • ID
  • IA
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • ME
  • MA
  • MS
  • MO
  • MT
  • NE
  • NV
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NM
  • NC
  • OH
  • OK
  • PA
  • SC
  • TN
  • TX
  • UT
  • VT
  • WV
  • WY

Not Available In These States:

We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • CA
  • HI
  • IL
  • IN
  • MD
  • MI
  • MN
  • NY
  • ND
  • OR
  • RI
  • SD
  • VA
  • WA
  • WI


SD Tech

Our dedicated team is here to enable businesses to focus on what they do best.

We help maximize the advantages that leading-edge technology provides—from the ground up. We specialize in equipping businesses with reliable, secure IT and communication systems, then helping to make sure they stay up to date with the latest advances in hardware and software.

For everything from buildout and wiring installations to remote and in-person support, we’re there with the highest quality systems and services available anywhere.

An ideal Franchise Strategic Partner does NOT have to have a technical background, and our training system is designed to help make sure you’re comfortable sharing with your clients about IT solutions and options. There are, of course, characteristics that ensure success in any business venture, and several questions that can help you decide if the SD Tech opportunity is a good fit for you:

  • Are you willing to work as hard for yourself as you have for others?
  • Do you have an appreciation for technology and the way it can help businesses succeed?
  • Do you have experience with leading and encouraging others, especially when it comes to understanding the importance of fast, friendly customer service?
  • Are you motivated by helping people just like you overcome obstacles on the path to success?
  • And maybe most important, and the only question that really matters:
  • Are you ready for a change?


Our 20+ years of experience in the world of managed IT solutions have been based on a simple idea: technology should make it easier to provide your product or service to the public. All the whiz-bang in the world won’t help if customers don’t have consistently great experiences. We’re here to be your reliable partner in making those great experiences happen—now for your clients.

SD Tech franchise partners aren’t required to have a technical background or certifications. Our thorough training plan is designed to give you the confidence it takes to share with potential clients how integrated technical and communication systems keep them ahead of the competition.

1Team Approach

Our focus is on freeing you up for outreach to small & medium-sized businesses in your franchise territory—but remember, ONLY those that use technology and/or communications systems to do what they do!

Obviously, there are very few businesses these days that don’t rely on technology to get customers, keep them, and deepen their relationships.

In fact, the possibilities are limitless. And once you start actively noticing how central technology is for all kinds of business, it’ll be an easy transition to communicating about the services you’re able to help provide as an SD Tech franchisee. Best of all, most issues that arise for your clients will be handled by our 1Team help desk; in the few cases where remote assistance isn’t practicable, we will work with you for on-site troubleshooting.

1Team Projects

There may be situations in which a project you identify a need for is beyond your staffing options or isn’t a fit with your expertise. That’s when the SD Tech Operations Center will help plan and execute the necessary work to make sure your customer is up and running ASAP.

1Team Operations Center

SD Tech provides 24/7 network and hardware monitoring for your clients. This includes on-site and off-site back-ups, plus weekly network optimizations. Issues and alerts discovered during monitoring will be resolved on your behalf for your valued clients.

1Team Distribution

Worried about spending your days wrangling with vendors for the software and hardware your clients need? We take care of that, too, and by consolidating the purchasing for the entire network, we’re able to pass along significant savings. In addition, centralized purchasing enables us to assist with preconfiguring the items you buy so that they’re ready to use right away.

1Team Billing

Your time is valuable. We know that, so we do everything possible to enable you to focus on meeting the IT needs of your customers—and on finding new ones. Centralized billing is a big part of this and includes direct correspondence with your clients regarding any outstanding account balances.

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