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Invest in a fully automated E-Restaurant Product Application. A franchise based business solution ready for you to grab. Implement and customize to your Restaurant clients as per their requirements and expectations a simple and quick configurable App. Why not reap the benefits of promoting an online-app/e-portal for restaurants? Get the solution implemented in simple easy steps in a matter of a few hours? Inquire to learn more!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$20,000
Franchise Fee$12,000
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We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AL
  • AK
  • AZ
  • AR
  • CO
  • CT
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We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • CA
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Spoun - Invest in a Fully Automated E-Restaurant Product

This Spoun web-application precisely helps those investors who either have Restaurant chain or Restaurant owners in their group/channel/network.

You as an investor can offer restaurant owners or any restaurant’s websites to have their own order online page on their individual website with just few clicks thus saving money like extra commissions that is paid to third party delivery apps upon each order placed.

Restaurants can change the following whenever they like:

  • colors of specific areas
  • the main banner
  • the online products: descriptions, photos, prices, promotions, ingredients, sauces, options, payment method, available delivery method, etc.

Need help customizing your template? Contact us and we will guide you with your site’s configuration.


  • Flexibility for creating an online menu: Create as many product families as restaurant like; add, modify, or remove products on their own whenever necessary
  • Order status: End customers are informed of the status of their orders in real time by viewing restaurant website or consulting their email. Restaurant can configure the different statuses in line with their needs and working habits.
  • End customer interface: Our solution simplifies the online ordering process thanks to fast response times and easy-to-understand ordering options. Restaurant customers can create an account, save their delivery address, or repeat a previous order, all in just a click. Our solution systematically suggests the best possible offer to the user based on the items selected.
  • Responsive site: The site’s page layout adjusts automatically to the available display space. Customers can thus place online orders indiscriminately via their smartphone, tablet, or PC – the display will be optimized accordingly. Bear in mind that 45% of the orders received on our platform are placed via a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).
  • Photos of products: Photos can be added to products that are live on order online page. Note that it is best to include photos for all products.
  • E-marketing campaigns: Restaurant can always export customer data in a format compatible with the main services for sending text or e-mail messages.
  • Reports and statistics: The back office provides restaurant with real-time statistics on their revenue history, average basket, number of customers, list of best-selling products, etc.
  • Continuous improvement: Spoun is under constant development. New features are regularly added at the request of restaurant managers, which will then benefit all the platform’s restaurants.
  • Hosting infrastructure: Restaurant sites are hosted on Spoun servers. Our servers are redundant; all data is backed up several times a day on a remote server. The domain name (Internet address) & it’s hosting belongs to the restaurant.

Other Available Features

  • Integration with a POS software solution: Spoun has established gateways with various POS solutions. If any restaurant uses a compatible solution, they could receive online orders directly to your ordering solution and thus benefit from a single database for orders and customers. We regularly set up new gateways. At this moment we work with Clover POS Solution.
  • Tailor-made promotions: Restaurant can create promotions such as: second pizza half-price, Happy Hours on Monday, buy one sushi tray and get one free, 10% discount for orders placed online, and so on. For each promotion, restaurant can define a minimum order amount, valid times/days, and a start and/or end date. Restaurant can relay these promotions on the social networks, and provide the corresponding coupon code, if applicable.
  • Delivery price management: Restaurant can define different delivery areas and the corresponding prices. For a more precise delivery area, restaurant can even specify the street names where they can deliver.
  • Detailed analysis: A detailed analysis of the data will allow restaurant to better target the communication and marketing actions to secure their customers’ loyalty. Restaurant can export all data concerning their orders and their customers (name, e-mail address, phone number, purchase history, etc.) in CSV format, compatible with Excel. With Spoun, this data is restaurant’s property.
  • Flexible menu creation: Restaurant can create their own menus, e.g., a main dish + choice of dessert, with a discount for the customer.
  • Multi-site management: If somebody owns several restaurants, will have access to data and statistics both for the entire chain and for each individual restaurant. Each restaurant’s access is restricted to its own data and statistics.
    • The menu can be centralized, where each restaurant can define its own prices, available products, and specific promotions.
    • The end customer database can also be centralized to allow a customer to place orders in any restaurant branch via the same profile.
  • Online payment: The end customer can choose between online payment or payment on delivery. For online payment, the payment gateway (Authorize.net, Razorpay and Stripe) which we set up so that the restaurant can collect online payments directly to their bank account will be invoiced. If restaurant prefers to use PayPal, restaurant can receive online payments as soon as the site is up and running, without having to notify the bank and at no extra cost. Note, however, that PayPal fees are higher.
  • Upselling:
    • When end customers add a product such as a pizza, they are invited to add additional ingredients or toppings.
    • Customers can add a drink or dessert in just a click from the main dishes page.
    • Additional products are suggested based on the products contained in the customer’s basket.
  • Products that customers compose themselves: Restaurant can allow their customers to compose certain products for themselves (such as salads, pizzas, pasta, bagels, fajitas, etc.) in three or four stages (1 – choice of base, 2 – choice of main ingredient, 3 – choice of sauce, etc.)
  • Customized e-mails: Restaurant can customize the e-mails sent automatically to the end customer to confirm their order, for example to include a satisfaction survey. Restaurant can also customize the printed receipts.
  • Clickable photos of products
  • Step-by-step menu composition, without pop-ups
  • Online tips

Investors can set up a wide range of specific features. Please contact us directly so that we can establish a bespoke quote.

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