Wienerschnitzel Franchise: Brand Story
Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Ishak Ihmud
Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Aggie & Iman
Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Dominic & Lowry


Quick Summary

Join the brand that OWNS the hot dog category. Wienerschnitzel® stands out in the booming quick-service segment by delivering the best hot dog experience in the nation. With millions of fans, several years of same-store sales increases and exceptional franchise support, it’s no wonder Entrepreneur magazine continually ranks us as the top brand.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$200,000
Total Investment$303,600
Net Worth Required$600,000
Franchise Fee$16,000
Financing Assistance3rd Party
Year Founded1961
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Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AZ
  • AR
  • CO
  • ID
  • IL
  • MS
  • NV
  • NM
  • OK
  • OR
  • TX
  • UT
  • WA

Not Available In These States:

We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AL
  • AK
  • CA
  • CT
  • DE
  • DC
  • FL
  • GA
  • HI
  • IN
  • IA
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • ME
  • MD
  • MA
  • MI
  • MN
  • MO
  • MT
  • NE
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NY
  • NC
  • ND
  • OH
  • PA
  • RI
  • SC
  • SD
  • TN
  • VT
  • VA
  • WV
  • WI
  • WY
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What Makes Wienerschnitzel a Wise Investment?
You can’t be in business for close to 60 years without getting a few things right. Founded in 1961 by John Galardi in Southern California, Wienerschnitzel is the largest hot dog franchise on the planet, with more than 325 restaurants open in 10 states. By elevating the hot dog to star status on its innovative menu, Wienerschnitzel capitalizes on America’s deep love for the hot dog with tried-and-true classics such as the Chili Dog, Corn Dog, Polish Dog, and more. Best of all, Wienerschnitzel provides an exceptional product and exceptional customer service at a price point that all Americans can afford.

Here’s a few of our recent highlights:

  • Eight consecutive years of same-store sales increases
  • Smaller real estate footprint = lower cost of entry
  • Simple business to operate
  • 25% food and paper costs – well below the industry average for quick service
  • Privately owned, family-run business
  • Proprietary hot dog and chili products – outstanding in quality and taste
  • Refund contingency on your first license fee if we do not mutually find and approve a new site within 12-months of executing your franchise agreement.*
  • Over $1 Million in average unit sales (top 50% of system*)
    *Please read our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information/ terms and conditions

The Industry Agrees
Entrepreneur magazine currently ranks Wienerschnitzel as the #87 (up from #126 last year) on its Franchise 500 list, and we’re consistently ranked as the No. 1 brand in the hot dog category.

Where are we growing? 
With more than 325 locations in ten states, Wienerschnitzel is on the move. We’re ramping up franchise development efforts to strengthen our significant footprint in the Southwest, as well as growing the brand into new markets.

We have new market incentives to make our brand more attractive and affordable to entrepreneurs who want to join our iconic brand:

  • Wienerschnitzel Growth Opportunities - Single, multi-unit, and select exclusive territories available in existing markets: AZ, CA, CO, IL, NM, NV, UT, WA, TX. Please Inquire.
  • NEW market exclusivity available for multi-unit development only. Please inquire. 
  • NEW Area Representative/ Area Development Franchise Opportunities. Exclusive Territory development investment defined by demographic marketing area (DMA). Open, own and operate a minimum (3) Wienerschnitzel Restaurants or 10% of development schedule in your area
  • 20-year agreement with potential 20-year renewal. Generous development schedule, training and market support to help set you up for success. Earn on-going royalties from all open stores in your market

Ideal Candidate
If you’re passionate about bringing the best hot dog experience to your community, and have the leadership, financial qualifications, drive and willingness to succeed, we want to talk to you. Financial requirements include having liquid resources of $250,000 with a net worth of $600,000. These are financial parameters for a sole proprietor, or combined business partners for a single unit.

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"We're not burgers, we're not sandwiches, we're not pizza. We have a niche that no one else occupies and Wienerschnitzel really dominates."DominicBaker
"Our systems are so much simpler than our competitor's, which gives us a big advantage labor-wise and food cost-wise."LowryHughes
"With this company being a close-knit family, I felt like I had a chance to succeed — and it turns out, I was right. Now I have four Wienerschnitzel locations in California, and it’s far exceeded my expectations."IshakIhmud
"We’re always looking to add to the Wienerschnitzel family, and when you’re a family it’s so much different than a company that’s not willing to listen to you."AggieClough
"I was attracted to Wienerschnitzel because it’s a family, and it feels like a family."ImanMeraachly

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  • Wienerschnitzel Franchise: Brand Story

  • Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Ishak Ihmud

  • Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Aggie & Iman

  • Wienerschnitzel Franchisee Testimonial: Dominic & Lowry

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