What Is YouTube Automation?

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YouTube Automation: Investors looking for a secure and profitable automation program business, look here. Faceless YouTube Revenue business opportunity is 100% automated, with no work required on your end. We hire and train the team to create the content and manage the channel of our clients. You're provided with a monetized channel to start earning from day 1. You keep 100% of the channel revenue.

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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$15,000
Net Worth Required$100,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded2020
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Faceless YouTube Revenue

About Faceless Freedom

The Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to make money from YouTube but are not sure what to do?

What is a YouTube Automation business? , We build the entire channel, and create and manage content to get you paid! You have the opportunity to make 6-7 figures in passive income when we build your YouTube automation business from the ground up! All it takes is an upfront investment, and our team will do the rest. By this time next year, you could be sitting on a 6-7 business.

Our Promise

We make you a passive income investor.

We do 100% of the work. The learning curve of building a YouTube business and creating content is where over 90% of business owners fail. When you work with us, you skip the learning curve and go right to making a profit off your passive investment.

Pick a niche, Lets us scale it daily.

No need for running ads or paying for inventory! We build the channel, Get your account monetized, Create the content and you generate a profit. You never have to invest another dime!

Make Your Investment Back within 24 months

We’re serious about protecting your assets. We’ll work with you for a minimum of 2 years, Managing every aspect of your YouTube business until you make at least 54k or we'll pay you the difference. This means you mitigate the risk of losing your investment and buying yourself income.

After building a successful YouTube business that has earned over 7 figures in passive income a year, I realized I had a much bigger opportunity available. I started to help others and their results were so monumental I realized this could be much bigger.

There are so many hard-working people out there who have the capital to start their own business but you want something passive and not saturated. So Faceless Freedom is my gift to you — a 100% done-for-you YouTube business.

Why Choose Faceless Freedom?

Between 2011 and 2021, YouTube's revenue increased 21X (from $1.3 billion to $28.84 billion). From 2012 to 2021, the number of annual YouTube users increased by 225% (from 800 million to 2.6 billion). YouTube is projected to have 2.85 billion users by 2025. And owning your own YouTube business allows you to own a portion of digital real estate.

But if you’ve never built a YouTube business before… It’s very intricate. If you don’t already have years in the game and the experience to match, it might feel impossible to actually make your business successful. This means that you could be stuck working 60 hours a week for poor returns.

You want the best to grow your business and allow you to make money like the world's most successful entrepreneurs. 24 hours a day even when they are not doing a thing.


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