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MyTrainer247 has created an online business platform designed to easily integrate into a fitness centers existing website. The platform provides all of the capabilities needed for the fitness center trainers to set up their online training programs for their existing and new potential clients. With the ability to set up and train in a few days, your new revenue stream is right around the corner. FRANCHISE FEES are WAIVED for a LIMITED TIME!

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Minimum Cash Required$20,000
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My Trainer 247

How the MyTrainer247 Platform Works

Trainer Console

The fitness centers training staff log into the platform from the fitness center website and now have access to the central point of contact for all the business needs: handling communications with the clients, co-workers, setting up video training sessions, and more. Seize control over the business with a range of custom features: 

· Client training sessions and communications

· Co-worker communications 

· Internal video team meetings

· Full video communication features & capabilities

· Smartphone, tablet & computer-enabled

Definition of Trainers Services

· Detailed descriptions of the services you will be offering

· Signup process definition

· Pricing

· Scheduling process 

Video Capabilities

· Secure client video communications

· Multi-participant (up to 30 participants)

· Recording capabilities

· Note-taking

· Messaging 

· Screen sharing

· Live streaming

· and more!

Custom Calendar

· Create schedule for client and co-worker meetings


· Ability to provide invitees access to the calendar.


· SMS and Email notifications to ensure no meetings are missed


· Schedule designed to integrate with existing work responsibilities


Co-Worker Communications

As your businesses grow, and as new clients join the new business, the platform provides seamless communication with co-workers through the platform

Client Management

· Client direct communications with the businesses

· View upcoming sessions

· Notes

· Contact information

· Secure video, email, and messaging capabilities

Client Payments and Invoicing

· Client fee collection

· Invoicing

· Customer support

· Highest levels of security

A Platform For Fitness Trainers & Clients

MyTrainer247 utilizes the Xela Business Platform that combines multiple technologies to create a comprehensive solution that helps you start, manage, and grow your online fitness business. Built from the ground up, the Xela Business Platform specifically supports online businesses utilizing video, calendar syncing, hassle-free client communication, invoicing and more in a single centralized space, helping you seize control of your business. The platform is “white-label” and seamlessly integrates into existing fitness center websites.

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