Shopify Automation

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Shopify Automation is a service that provides you with the ability to become a 70/30 partner on an ecommerce brand created on Shopify. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$40,000
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Shopify Automation

What is Shopify Automation?

  • ? Shopify Automation is a service that provides you with the ability to become a 45% partner on an ecommerce brand created on Shopify.
  • ? You pay for our team to create the store. We’ll pay for ad spend to grow the business.
  • ? We replicate our process of setting up, building, scaling and selling ecommerce stores.
  • ? We build the brand concept, the site, generate the leads, and fulfill the orders. You sit back and collect the checks.
  • ? You profit 45% on any product sold that was generated through your site.
  • ? You begin to collect profit from the site in 90-120 days.
  • ? Our Shopify automation agreement lasts for 2 years afterwards you can decide to sell the site for a multiple. (Acquired for 3x on annual revenue)


  • Shopify Fundraising Funnel
  • Automation App
  • Consulting Training
  • B2C Pipeline (ARC Clients)
  • B2B Pipeline (Scale Bold Clients)

Saddlebrook Investments

  • Product selection & store build
  • Uncapped credit limit to scale ads
  • Exit buyer at 3x multiple (After 30k net)

Shopify Automation: How Does It Work?

  1. Custom Online Store Design, Product Import, Converting Single Product Pages
  2. Research, Testing, and Optimization
  3. Prospecting & Micro Scaling
  4. Advanced Scaling (Scaling With Custom Audiences and Lookalikes)

Done For You Drop Shipping

  • We created a system that handles everything for you in regards to drop shipping your products to your customers. Your customers buy, we fund the profitable ad campaigns.
  • We use leverage our line of credit to drive more customers to your store. 
  • You sit back and collect the checks. 

The Three Assets We Develop

  1. Ad Account - Your pixel gathers invaluable date on how to efficiently target a certain audience.
  2. Customer Base - Your paid buyer list is the life blood of your business.
  3. Brand - Showing an investor how you plan to grow your store and its sustainability.

What Do I Get Exactly?

  • Access to the ADC Automation App
  • Custom Shopify Domain Name
  • Custom Store Branding Logo
  • Catalog of proven trending products
  • Social Media Kit (Fanpage,IG, etc.)
  • Reporting and marketing updates
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Live customer service & support from our in house team
  • Website audit
  • Done for you ad copy
  • Done for you Marketing Management (includes testing and scaling across multiple platforms)
  • Tracking pixel installation if needed
  • Help with product research if needed

What is my Duty 

  1. Due Diligence on All Done Consulting & Saddlebrook Investments LLC
  2. Sign Terms of Service
  3. Payment- Bank Wire
  4. Sign NDA
  5. Get Access to ADC Automation App
  6. Download Shopify App to track sales and Bitrix for management.
  7. Read monthly report.

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