Sweet and Sassy

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Own the perfect venue for 3-10 year old girls. They'll love your salon, spa and party place!

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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$251,000
Net Worth Required$350,000
Franchise Fee$30,000
Year Founded2004
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Sweet and Sassy

Sweet & Sassy® is THE place for 3-10 year old girls. It is a children’s Salon, Spa and Party Place, complete with retail, events, ear piercing and limo service.

Sweet & Sassy® Store
The Sweet & Sassy experience typically begins with an enthusiastic “WOW” upon entering the store. Sweet & Sassy is as much an awe-inspiring visual treat as an entertaining party or salon experience.

The front section of each store showcases the trends of the latest tween retail gifts and other items. Girls giggle to the left of you about their nail art in our custom purple plush pedicure pit, lounging comfortably with friends on green and orange cushions. Stylists are giving top quality haircuts to young ones to your right. The kids could not be happier as they enjoy gourmet lollipops while watching their favorite videos – what a treat!

Friends who have become fashion divas and princesses parade on stage with fun, informal up-dos, a glittery star on their cheek and sparkles in their hair. As each girl walks down the runway to be crowned “princess for a day,” streams of glitter flow down from the magic wands raised above their tiara laden heads.

You’ve just taken a brief stroll through the Sweet & Sassy experience, one unlike any other business concept in the market today. Every Sweet & Sassy store is comprised of our signature service areas:

Sassy Shoppe© - “tween” and kid-targeted retail items, many of which are unique to Sweet & Sassy. In 2010, Sweet & Sassy added its very own branded make-your-own spa products line.

Pampered Place© - our very own custom made mini-pedicure and mini-manicure stations and a pink ear-piercing throne.

Snip-Snap Station© - A full-service hair salon with up to 6 stylist stations for boy and girl haircuts, specialty up-dos, shampooing and braiding.

Glam-Central© - a ”backstage” style makeover counter and logo-embroidered director's chairs for party makeovers, a child-friendly runway, hip laser light show, silver beaded curtain, costume changing rooms, karaoke television screen and shimmery disco ball.

Party Girls on the Go!© Hot Pink Limo - Sweet & Sassy’s signature stretch limo that seats up to 12 girls, complete with interior laser show, surround sound and leather seats.

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