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GMP Internet Marketing

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GMP Internet Marketing has a 20-year proven service model. GMP even guarantees the success of the new owner. As a GMP Affiliate, offer your Clients guaranteed search engine placement with a money-back guarantee! Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$29,000
Total Investment$35,000 – $250,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Training & SupportYes
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GMP Internet Marketing

GMP Internet Marketing has a 20-year proven service model that has been taught to 106 people through their Affiliate program. It is structured like a franchise with a new website, training, proprietary software license, support, exclusive leads etc. but there are no royalties.

The new Affiliate starts their own company, opens their own bank accounts and learns the 100% successful business model. GMP even guarantees the success of the new owner, that's right. Follow GMP's guidelines and if after twelve months you haven't generated revenue equal to your initial investment with GMP, they will refund the difference back to you in cash.
As a GMP Affiliate, offer your Clients guaranteed search engine placement with a money-back guarantee! 

Services include guaranteed front page search engine placement or a full refund is given! You are reaching out to businesses that have not only established a budget and need for search engine placement, but they also have an understanding and appreciation for the benefits of it to their business! You will be offering them a free consultation explaining why their site doesn’t meet the latest search engine criteria, therefore requiring them to buy traffic on a pay-per-click basis. After your service has been implemented, your average client should see 5 times more traffic at 1/3 the cost of their Adwords campaign. This is a recurring income business model. This is not a franchise, although structured & supported like one, there are no royalties!

We guarantee your initial investment! If you fail to generate revenue equal to your original investment within twelve months, following GMP’s guidelines & recommendations, the difference will be refunded back to you. The service has 100% proven itself for twenty years, the business is scalable, you don’t have to have brick & mortar nor employees in order to be highly successful.

The only requirements in order to be successful are good work ethic and communication skills. If you do not possess these things, then you will need to hire it.

We began helping Clients with their internet placement in 1998. In 2006, we began teaching others how to start their own internet marketing company. As of April 2019, we have successfully helped 106 Affiliates/Licensees get started in this business; some of which purchase the program for their own websites in lieu of starting a new company.

All programs provide a comprehensive 2-day training class followed by one year of unlimited support. Thousands of exclusive leads are provided along with sales support closing your first few clients, proprietary software that manages your clients and streamlines the optimization process (including supervisory tools, cash flow projections, virtual credit card terminal and lead management). Every Licensee is provided with hours of training videos plus hours of recorded phone calls providing self-paced assistance.

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