RX2Live - Medical Services

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Change Peoples Lives with an RX2Live Franchise!This is the first time ever, in the half-trillion-dollar health, wellness and medical industry a franchise opportunity like this is being offered! Medical professionals are struggling in their private practices. Learn more now!

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Minimum Cash Required$30,000
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RX2Live - Medical Services

RX2Live is the first company to franchise medical services, workplace wellness, and senior wellness systems on the same platform.

We represent a $500 billion per year industry, which is significantly more than all fast-food restaurants combined. And health and wellness services are in high demand — 88 percent of the population wants some or all of the services offered.

While the benefits of franchise ownership are many, owning an RX2Live franchise provides even more rewards. 


With an RX2Live franchise, you can:

  1. Change people’s lives by providing health and wellness products and services.
  2. Change your own life by making your own decisions for your own best welfare.
  3. Work your own hours.
  4. Build your own dreams rather than someone else’s.
  5. Develop leadership skills.
  6. Generate a residual income.
  7. Scale as large or as small as you want.
  8. Start the business on a part-time basis.
  9. Work from home without the need for full time staff.
  10. Receive income from one or more revenue streams.
  11. Create valuable business connections.
  12. Leverage a proven system and a seasoned management team.
  13. Reduce your risk by receiving business from national or regional accounts.
  14. Double or triple the net income of your existing business without adding new employees, clients or patients.
  15. Pass it on to your heirs or sell it.
  16. Avoid start-up fees for most services.
  17. Rely on low investment, low risk and low overhead.
  18. Receive bonuses as you progress.

Be a part of our explosive health and medical support business!

RX2Live is a financially sound company, and to ensure your financial success, we provide specific support teams and services. These include:

  • A professional support team with significant experience in franchising, business development, medical services, wellness, and systems development.
  • A business advisory board comprised of top-level individuals to help guide the company and franchisees.
  • A medical and wellness advisory board with significant expertise in providing new and innovative health services.
  • Public relations support including social media to help promote your business.

Rx2Live offers revolutionary health and wellness products and services.

Thermal Imaging
It’s 100% safe, non-invasive, and detects problems 6-10 years in ADVANCE. These are just a few of the benefits to thermal imaging. It’s the best early detection tool for your health and could save your life! Find out why this new, medical technology offered by Rx2Live is in high demand.

Senior Care Facility Program
Improving the quality of life through physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.

Genetic Blueprinting & Supplements
Work out smarter, not harder. Discover which exercises, meal plans, and supplements fit your genetic DNA!

Military & Veteran Promotions

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