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Join one of the fastest growing franchises with The Smoothie Experts. Smoothie Depot is an experienced developing franchise, looking for franchisees to invest in their future and establish your location on the map today.

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Minimum Cash Required$70,000
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  • TX

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Smoothie Depot


Great health is a Great business! From marathons to bodybuilding, yoga to fitness boot camps, and spin classes to cross fit, our society is more health-conscious than ever before… and Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts is serving to lead that goal. As a developer in the smoothie and juice industry, Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts, is providing up franchise opportunities across the country, delivering not only mouthwatering fresh real fruit smoothies but also dietary supplements and other healthy snacks to meet the demand of consumers choosing healthier food and beverage options that support an active lifestyle.

At Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts, you surround yourself with wholesome natural ingredients and products, fresh ideas, and fresh emerging category of customers meaning people passionate about treating their taste buds and their bodies equally well. It’s our ambition to infuse healthy energy into all that we do... in life, in community, and in business. As you journey through the information in these pages, we are confident you’ll get a taste of the upbeat blende lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunity we offer, conceived into a very attractive business investment.

Since our origin in 2008, our company has been a leader to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers like you. Active lifestyles seek out fulfilling food and drinks to focus toward a functionally healthy body. With footprints on college campuses, active schools catering programs, sponsorship of athletic organizations, and meaningful health organizations. WE KNOW WHAT OUR PEOPLE WANT! As a franchise owner, a solid business system and an innovative Company that’s backed up by years of experience will support you.

At Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts, our mission is to consistently provide the most fresh and delicious smoothie offerings and healthy choices to our customers, and serve as supporters of healthy lifestyles. We are dedicated to helping create a healthier world and will remain a leader in the marketplace by staying true to our roots and never losing sight of what our customers expect and want from us. Through healthy choices and healthy living, we encourage and promote all individuals to Live Life Healthy!

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