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Turo Automation is a service that provides business owners with the ability to hire a team that creates a profitable digital asset. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$35,000
Total Investment$30,000
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Turo Automation

How To Own An Automated Fleet That Predictably Pays You For Years

Business Model

  • Your Holdings Company is assigned rights to 70% of the net profit generated from your rental car fleet for 2 years.
  • You begin to collect profit from your fleet after month 4.
  • We use the first month to fundraise. The next 90 days we set up your fleet.
  • You will receive a report monthly on the profitability of your fleet.
  • You can always buy another car based upon your credit score
  • After two years you receive 100% ownership of the business.

How Does It Work?

  1. ADC Network - You join our network. We scale our company hiring people to help us market our services.
  2. Approvals - You sign our NDA. We get you approved for 4 vehicles. We purchase an Aged Corp and build your credit.
  3. Vehicle Acquisition - We send you an intake form to broker deals for you on your behalf through our network.
  4. Marketing Campaign - After 120 days. You begin to collect 70% of the net profit generated from the fleet.


  1. If for any reason your vehicles are not performing. We will replace them at no additional cost to you.
  2. If your vehicle breaks down or is no longer useable we will replace the car at no additional cost. You will never have to make out of pocket payments for expenses or maintenance during the first two year term.
  3. All Done Consulting LLC offers a 100% 12 satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with the profitability and customer service of your fleet. We will buy it back from you. You keep all of the dividends you collected.

Why The Model is Exponentially More Profitable For Everyone

  • Instead of selling a business concept we are now inviting our clients to a like minded community for free.
  • Live daily updates provides transparent insight on the growth of the company.
  • Every deal creates exponential leverage to close the next deal. Clients are now becoming partners contributing resources.
  • Our margins are now 5x more that our old model for an offer that is easier to sell.
  • Zero fulfilment bottlenecks.


  • Join the ADC Turo Automation Network. Gain access to app and newsletter.
  • Receive 70% of every fleet. You get paid you after 120 days for 2 years.
  • After two years you assume 100% of the business.
  • We report to you monthly on the profitably of your fleet.
  • You receive an Ipad to receive real time stats at all times.
  • No liability. We cover all maintenance costs during the two year term.
  • We provide you with a complete training program so you can know exactly how to run the business on your own.

What Is In It for ADC? Exit Strategy

  1. Fundraising Funnel - We leverage our proven process to raise money for anything.
  2. Recruit - We launch our training program to train consultants on how to raise money for Turo Automation and Event Marketing.
  3. Build Brands - We train consultants and independent owners how to develop successful rental car brands by helping them develop a personal funnel in addition to our proven automated services.
  4. Events - We help our clients launch profitable events which creates a natural ecosystem to fund the growth of the rental car fleets.
  5. Scale - We market the profitability of the rental car fleets and our successful events to our network of buyers. We book out events years in advance around the world while we continue to scale our proven Turo Automation Model.

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