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One of the toughest aspects of starting a new pool company is the launch process. It can take years, even decades to get a new brand established in a marketplace. One of the toughest aspects of starting a new pool company is the launch process. It can take years, even decades to get a new brand established in a marketplace. Learn more now!

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Minimum Cash Required$60,000
Total Investment$60,000 – $100,000
Franchise Fee$20,000
Year Founded1952
# of Existing Units28
Training & SupportYes
Home Office LocationAustin, TX
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California Pools

One of the toughest aspects of starting a new pool company is the launch process. It can take years, even decades to get a new brand established in a marketplace. The California Pools brand has been established for over 65 years. This gives our franchise owners a big advantage in establishing a presence in their perspective market. Our tools and processes for starting up your new franchise makes it easy to be successful at a faster pace than those who go at it alone.

A crucial step in establishing a brand in a marketplace is marketing. California Pools has an established brand presence that is unmatched by others. Our website receives tens of thousands of visitors a month. Our dedicated marketing team focuses on results, which in turn, translate to more leads and sales for our franchisees. Further, our brand has an audience of millions watching us perform on the hit television show, Pool Kings, on DIY Network. The credibility and respect that our award winning marketing and branding has received is unmatched in the industry.

The California Pools brand started in 1952 and has been growing stronger ever since. Founded on high rated customer success, our brand is recognized by many industry professionals and consumers as one of the most respected swimming pool company brands ever. With more time and more great additions to the team, our brand will only grow stronger in the months and years ahead.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is continuing to learn. Our program includes continuing education and training for our franchisees. California Pools collectively has hundreds of years of experience to tap into. It’s always better to learn from other peoples mistakes rather than learning from your own, right? Our brings together internal resources along with outside resources to provide the best level of education possible for our people.

In order to see where you are going, you need a road map. In order to have an accurate road map, you need to have data. We have a lot of different tools that are available to our franchisees that help them not only see where they stand as a business, but help guide the way towards the right direction. Our robust accounting system is like no other in the industry. Realtime financials and reports for every project enable our franchise owners to make intelligent decisions at every crossroad along the way.

Innovation can be difficult in the swimming pool business. Many people stick to what they know as they see it as “tried and true”. Although there is some benefit to not straying far from always doing what we know works, it will also prevent you from driving ahead with new techniques, products, and design that will set you apart from the competition. Collectively, our company takes pride in discovering and inventing new ways to be more efficient, productive, and ultimately, innovative. Innovation on your own can be costly with time and money, however, innovation as a group, greatly reduces these costs and often times sets our team out ahead of the competition.

One of the most difficult aspects of running a company, is growing beyond the shallow ceiling many hit early on. There are many tools and techniques that must be implemented properly in order to obtain sustainable growth with a swimming pool company. There are many business owners that simply own a job, and not a business. Our mission is to teach our teams how to grow businesses that are amongst the top builders within their respective marketplace. We focus our training on how to build a business that is profitable, equitable, and ultimately sellable.

Setting goals is great, but achieving your set goals is even greater! We thrive in an environment of encouragement and friendly competition that collectively lifts each other to new heights. As a business owner, goal setting and striving for achievement is invaluable for your team. When they are apart of something bigger and competing with other players on the team, the results can be incredible!

There is no greater satisfaction than doing what you love doing and being recognized for your achievements! California Pools has great pride in awarding our performers for reaching for the stars and hitting them.

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