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I offer a FREE assessment that tells you what type of franchise will suit you best. My clients need to be prepared to invest a minimum of $50,000 in a franchise.

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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
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Laurier Consulting

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After a 17-year career in corporate, deciding to purchase my own franchise and become an owner-operator changed my life. 

The independence of managing and running my own business gave me a completely different perspective on working life. Since the beginning of my entrepreneurship, I have never been more content. Yes, there have been bumps in the road, but I was in control all the way.  

I now have a team of employees managing the day-to-day operations which has afforded me the opportunity to pursue other ventures. 

Laurier Consulting has allowed me to educate people as to the potential of owning a franchise and what to expect. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than giving back to people that need my help and advising them on choosing the right franchise. 

If you’re ready to control your destiny, I can help you along the way.

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