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We created an app designed to help anyone to own a profitable consulting business. We specialize in raising capital for proven business concepts looking to scale. We help you create uncapped monthly cash flow by training consultants to work for you through our proven system.

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Minimum Cash Required$25,000
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Consulting Automation

There is NO better business model that is designed to excel in inflation and uncertainty other than fundraising, marketing and sales. Every company on the planet wants more money and customers. We have a proven solution to show them how. 

Seeking Consultants Nation Wide with Capital and a Network and Experiences

Fundraising Consulting - is a recession proof model.  We can set up an absentee consulting business for you where we handle the marketing, selling and delivery of services. All you have to do is own the website and scale through wise financial management. We help three types of customers that have an uncapped market limit.

  • Buyer- We connect business buyers to cash flowing opportunities. 
  • Providers - We raise capital for companies with proven concepts.
  • Consultants- We train people how they can work from home to replicate the process. 

We are currently raising capital in the following industries

  • Trucking
  • Hotels
  • Ecommerce
  • Exotic Cars
  • Commercial Offices 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Cannabis 

We have 8 partner companies that we are building to scale our consulting business. You will be given the blueprint to replicate our buildout model as we continue to scale in the following industries. 

  1. Software
  2. Fundraising 
  3. Education
  4. Ecom Brand
  5. Network Site
  6. Entertainment
  7. Co Working
  8. Crypto 

We created an app that will become the blockchain for acquiring online businesses. There currently isn't a place where vetted buyers, providers, and consultants can all be found under one roof. 

By joining our network you'll be in position to offer proven solutions to a wide open market. We also offer FREE copywriting + fundraising training for those looking to roll up their sleeves to grow the business. 

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